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January Levy

January started working for Vinny DiMarco the previous owner in September of 2017. Within 7 months he offered to sell her his shop. Not only did January excel at barbering and cosmetology but she was willing to learn and carry on the legacy of a shop with over 60 years of history. January is the fourth owner of this location. She has made it a space to reflect consistently keeping the customers needs as a priority.

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January Levy the owner of Januarys Barbershop Photo taken by: Justin Krompier

My Story

I was 26 when I decided to enroll in Cosmetology. I was working at a laundromat in town and a single mother that was newly sober. I checked out a couple of schools and picked one in Bloomfield called Empire Hair Design School.  Learning about the history of barbering is what drew me to that area of Cosmetology. I was extremely inspired by the humility and opportunity to provide a service to others in an artistic and extremely personal fashion. I knew I wanted to cut hair and learn to shave. I wanted to be a colorist at first but figured barbering would be an excellent skillset and with much encouragement from a dear friend of mine who is no longer with us. (Julio Martinez RIP) I decided to start the journey of becoming a barber.

What I value most in myself is the ability to make others feel comfortable, I believe in people and I believe trust starts with a great first impression. I believe it is important to be vigilant and cunning in every aspect of my life. What I desire is to make people happy because life is short and beautiful. 


Best way to reach me is through email. or DM the shops instagram.


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